United States Unmanned Aerial Vehicles™ is researching, testing, developing, servicing and selling restricted use products developed by Beijing Dagong Technology to qualified United States buyers.  Beijing Dagong Tech, founded in 2012, is focused on commercial Multi-Rotor High Payload UAVs. The company's founders are graduates of the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Tsinghua University, the Chinese equivalents of Harvard and MIT, respectively.. Their product lines include High Payload UAVs for photography and agricultural work and Tethered UAV Systems for use as surveillance systems and as aerial platforms for communications antennas. Their state of the art machines are being deployed by individuals, corporations and governments around the world for surveillance, communications relay, temporary cellular towers, radio and television broadcasting, agriculture, geological exploration, atmospheric detection, disaster response and other creative ways.  We are happy to represent them.