X430-A10 Quadcopter

  • The anodized X430 chassis is CNC Machined from 7075 T6 aviation grade billet aluminum. It, when coupled with carbon fiber struts and 6061 cold formed, heat treated anodized landing gear makes an impact, corrosion and heat resistant machine superior to any agricultural UAV on the market today. The X430 A-10 is a beautiful work of engineering art as well as a highly functional, hardened machine designed for farm use.  The 29 inch carbon fiber propellers and purpose built industrial grade low noise, low vibration brushless motors guarantee a uniform spray pattern.  The A10's folding struts make the UAV convenient to transport in its custom ATA travel case.  The two spray booms and six spray nozzles ensure a wide spray swath and total plant coverage.  The X430 A-10 has a state of the art GPS route planning system, one key return, low power alarm and many other features.  Welcome to the next revolution in agriculture.  We are here to guide you.

fTTesting New WiFi Data Booster and First Person Vision System in Semi Autonomous Flight Mode - September 15, 2017

 It is important to note that to use the X430-A10 with agricultural chemicals in the United States, a waiver from FAA Part 107.46 (prohibiting the carriage of hazardous materials) is needed. Several other waivers from 14 CFR Part 137, “Agricultural Aircraft Operations" are also needed. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in severe fines and/or imprisonment.